24 Kids Ride On Excavator and Digger Red (Pre-Order ETA 30-August)

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Available on: August 30, 2024 at 12:00 am

24V Excavator Kids Ride-on Car with Digging Arm - 360 Spin

Get ready to be blown away because POSHO is thrilled to introduce its latest marvel: the ride-on Excavator, poised to redefine playtime! This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill toy; it’s a dynamic source of entertainment that will convert your backyard into a lively construction zone. With its lifelike design and remarkable functionalities, this Excavator promises to be every kid’s ultimate outdoor buddy.

Unmatched Performance:

Fitted with twin 24V 120W motors, this ride-on Excavator stands ready to tackle any task effortlessly. Whether it’s shifting soil, digging ditches, or transporting materials, this Excavator mirrors the power and proficiency of the real deal. Young operators will feel like bona fide construction pros as they navigate the excavator across their make-believe work site, thanks to its authentic controls and nimble manoeuvrability.

Unending Playtime:

Bid farewell to brief play sessions because this digger features a hefty 24V 10 AH battery that guarantees hours of uninterrupted fun. With an abundance of power at their disposal, kids can delve into imaginative play and exploration without fretting over battery drainage. From sunrise to sunset, the excitement never wanes with this ride-on excavator.

Plush Features:

Slide into the driver’s seat and relish unparalleled comfort! This digger boasts a cozy seat equipped with a seatbelt, ensuring a safe and snug ride for young operators. But wait—there’s more! LED headlights brighten the path ahead, while the built-in FM radio, USB, Aux input, and Bluetooth connectivity allow kids to groove to their favourite tunes as they toil away.

Remote Control Convenience:

Parents can breathe easy knowing that this kids’ excavator digger comes outfitted with a 2.4G remote control. This remote not only facilitates effortless control of the ride-On’s movements but also enables halting the toy and adjusting its speed. With just a press of a button, parents can oversee their child’s play from afar, ensuring both safety and serenity.

In Conclusion:

With its unmatched performance, deluxe features, and remote-control convenience, the ride-on Excavator from POSHO is in a league of its own. Whether they’re digging, hauling, or simply cruising around, kids will revel in the excitement of operating their very own excavator and unleashing their creativity in the great outdoors. Brace yourself for endless hours of amusement and adventure as your child transforms into a seasoned excavator operator with this extraordinary ride-on from POSHO.


  • Box size: 75*61*58cm
  • Assembled size: 130*588*83cm
  • N.W/ G.W: 24 Kg/27.7 kg
  • Age range: 3+
  • Battery: 24V-10AH
  • Motors: 555#*2 – (120Wx2)
  • Kid weight Capacity: 60 kg


  • 360 ° Turn around in place
  • Anti slip and powerful grip
  • 3 speed regulation, slow start, and slow stop
  • 2-wheel drive
  • 2.4G remote control
Excavator and Digger Yellow

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    24 Kids Ride On Excavator and Digger Blue (Pre-Order ETA 30-August)

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    Excavator and Digger Yellow

    24 Kids Ride On Excavator and Digger Yellow (Pre-Order ETA 30-August)

    Original price was: $520.00.Current price is: $420.00.


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Special instructions:

  • Use the product under Adult supervision only.
  • Product requires self-assembling. Instruction manual provided with the package.
  • Please charge the batter on receiving it even if the battery will not be used in the near future.
  • It is advised to charge the battery EVERY MONTH if not in use for long periods. This is to prevent over-discharging of the battery which will cause irreparable damage to it.