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Ride On Tractors

Kids Ride on Electric Tractors

Parents are responsible for nourishing the skills of their children. Age is a vital element because preschool-going children are super hyped learners. It’s the obligation of parents to allow them to experience new things and harness the wide spectrum of their learning capabilities. Whether your child is fascinated by the agricultural surroundings or by the capacious and bigger designs of ride-on tractors, you can get one for your child right away from our Ride-on Tractors collection.

You can select the favourite colour of your children and choose from Bulldozer and Tractor designs. Children love to ride and play with those Toys which involve excavation and carrying something from point A to point B. It is a great way to develop their multitasking and task management skills.


We have 12V Ride-on Tractors and easily detachable Trailers with double motors. You can easily recharge the Tractors by AU Plug via a 12V SAA Approved adopter, (provided) in the efficient charging time of 7-8 hours. The Diverse functionalities include, SD Card supported Mp3 with children’s education system. It supports parental and pedal accelerator support. It weighs 20 kg with a weight carrying capacity of 30 Kg. Build for the age group of 3-7 years of riders.

The package includes an easy-to-understand Instructional manual for assembling. Charge the battery at least once a month and avoid overcharging for prolonged battery life. Children love bright colours. You can choose from the contrast of green with black and yellow and red with black and yellow. These colours are linked with the learning preferences of children. Order one for your children.


The excitement lies in the design and functionality of the Bulldozer. Children love to get involved in the activities that involve excavation and it is also great for the task management skills of these little riders. We have a 6V Ride-on Electric Bulldozer Digger with an efficient loading capacity of 30 Kg and a speed of 3.5km/h. It comes with a 6V, 7Ah battery with 7-8 hours of charging time and up to one hours of operating time.

The package includes Bulldozer and an easy-to-understand Instructional manual for seamless assembling. Smart keyless operation and parental/manual control with forward & reverse movement and lifting arms. It is pedal accelerated and comes with slip-resistant tires. It has a comfortable and spacious seat for 3-6 years of children with a music player and flashing lights. For the maximum safety of the children and parents we use SAA approved battery charger, it comes with a light indicator.