Terry Tea Towels Description

  • Terry Tea Towels are Durable, Extra Absorbent Fine Colors Country Check Cotton.
  • These Terry Tea Towels Made from high-quality 100% Cotton are Fantastic Addition to your Kitchen essentials.
  • Our Kitchen Terry Tea Towels are an excellent tool to get rid of stains and spills in the kitchen.
  • These kitchen Towels incorporate a stylish design and will surely take the headache out of spills and stains.
  • With a non-scratch rough cotton fabric design to pry up caked-on gunk, and a super absorbent terry fabric on the reverse side to soak up spills; Perfect to tackle all of your dryings, wiping, and cleaning kitchen tasks
  • Charming and chic printed design for these dishcloths, suitable as a great hostess or housewarming gifts!

Product Features

  • Product Type: Tea Towels, Kitchen Towels
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Quality: Premium Quality Terry Tea Towels
  • Absorbent: Highly capable of absorbing and quick drying
  • Cleaning: Fantastic and wonderful cleaner for all purposes
  • Material Used: 100% Cotton
  • Set of: 6 Piece

Size of Terry Tea Towels

  • Terry Tea Towel/Kitchen Towel(40 x 60)cm

100% High-Quality Cotton:

  • Our terry towels are made of 100% high-quality cotton.
  • They are soft and scratchless for the Kitchen & Dining dishes.
  • Quickly dry.

High Absorbency:

  • Our towels have dense double loops, so they have high absorbency.
  • They are light in weight and easily dry.

Machine Washable:

  • Our towels support washing machine cleaning and are not easily damaged. Please wash before use.
  • Keep the water temperature at 40C. Use washing powder.
  • Do not use bleach. After each wash, the towel will quickly dry and fluffy and restore its softness.


Plain old dish cloths do one thing, which isn’t hard-working enough for any kitchen. That’s why our all-new Scrubbing Dish Cloths were designed differently. With non-scratch rough cotton fabric on one side, to pry up caked-on gunk, and a super absorbent terry fabric on the reverse side to soak up spills.


100% high-quality cotton towel, perfect for drying, cleaning, scrubbing, or achieving any other household task. With charming, chic printed design for these dishcloths, suitable as great hostess or housewarming gifts!



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