Fire Rescue Truck, 12V Electric Ride On Toy for Kids – Red

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Introducing the Fire Rescue Truck from POSHO Toys—a captivating toy designed to spark your child’s imagination and creativity. Modeled after a real fire truck, this ride-on features a built-in water tank and water gun for an authentic firefighting experience, perfect for kids who love role-playing or are fascinated by firefighters and rescue missions.

Loaded with exciting features, the Fire Rescue Truck boasts a glossy painted finish, realistic sounds, emergency LED lights, and built-in shock absorbers for a smooth ride. Additionally, it comes with a 2.4G remote control, allowing parents to control speed and direction for added safety.

With a built-in MP3 player featuring preloaded music and siren sounds, along with a microphone for added interactivity, the Fire Rescue Truck creates an immersive environment for your child’s playtime.

Inspire your child’s creativity and nurture a passion for rescue missions with the Fire Rescue Truck from POSHO. Whether they’re putting out imaginary fires, coming to the rescue, or cruising around the neighbourhood, this toy truck promises endless hours of thrilling fun.


  • Battery: 12V 7Ah batteries
  • Charger: 12V
  • Output: DC12V
  • Motor: 2 X 30W


  • Suitable Age: 3+
  • Weight (Capacity): 30kg


  • 2 x 35W Driving Motors
  • Front LED lights
  • 3 speeds for remote drive
  • Water Tank with a water Pump
  • Strong PVC plastic seat
  • One Seat
  • Bluetooth, USB, FM Radio, and MP3 music
  • 2.4G Parental Remote
  • 2 Point Safety harnesses
  • Dimensions & Weight
  • Product Dimensions: 102 cm x 58 cm x 56 cm
  • Product Weight (Kg): 19 Kg
  • Box Dimensions: 103 cm x 57 cm x 43 cm
  • Box Weight (Kg): 23 Kg
Please be informed that adult supervision is essential at all times, and this product is not designed for extinguishing real fires or being in close proximity to heat or flames. The water tanks are securely attached to the back of the truck for safety reasons, and it’s important to ensure that water spraying is directed away from the truck and children. Additionally, please note that the electric components at the front are not waterproof. This product is intended for outdoor use only. Please be aware that some water may drip from the tank as children drive the truck.


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Special instructions:

  • Use the product under Adult supervision only.
  • Product requires self-assembling. Instruction manual provided with the package.
  • Please charge the batter on receiving it even if the battery will not be used in the near future.
  • It is advised to charge the battery EVERY MONTH if not in use for long periods. This is to prevent over-discharging of the battery which will cause irreparable damage to it.
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